Piercing \pɛʁ.siŋ\ masculin. : The practice of piercing the skin in certain areas of the body to attach your OrPhee jewelry and dress up your skin.


Although most parts of the body can be pierced, some areas are more common than others.

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Indeed, if the piercing of the lobe of the ear is generally the 1st Piercing that we adopt during our tender childhood, other zones are also more and more put forward! 

Industrial, Conch, Helix, and Tragus ear piercings are proving to be the big trends in piercings and everyone is loving them ! And as at OrPhée we don't do things by halves...  We propose you Creations Piercings 100% Made in France and Top of the range in Gold plated 3 microns 18 carats, or in Gold 750/1000 Bioplast patented resulting from vegetable matters and which do not yellow.

Thanks to our quality materials, you no longer have to suffer to be beautiful. OrPhee allows you to reconcile aesthetics and comfort.



Tragus or Helix petal piercing, a best of the collection. This piercing in Gold and encrusted with high quality zircons, measures 7 mm x 5 mm and its Labret in Bioflex 12mm, adaptable and can be cut to fit the thickness of your ear. These patented resin labrets are flexible unlike rigid steel labrets. It will thus soften according to your supports. It is the piercing which will adapt to your positioning and not the opposite. This system facilitates healing and solves the problems of growths and "balls of skin" called cheloids.


Just for a touch of sparkle on your ears to shine discreetly! Suitable for Tragus or Helix (PS: also available in 2mm)


This Piercing in ring for Conch or Helix of 12 mm of diameter will dress your ear for a look Indian spirit.


Still in the same spirit, the Marine is a ring piercing for the Helix, 10 mm in diameter.


No need to be drilled for this one ! For a trendy and charming Industrial Piercing with its encrusted zircons (PS: exists without zircons for those who already shine with a thousand lights).


This so pretty single earring is perfectly named! It gives the illusion of having 4 holes in your ears even if you only have 1. If you haven't yet reached the point of piercing your earlobe several times, this one-chip is for you! And for those who would like to push this illusion effect even further, you can multiply it by wearing it on another hole like on our photo above.


OrPhee is thinking of everyone again! If you are not pierced, you can adopt this Fake Conch Piercing in the form of an Earcuff Ring here, in small golden balls.


Although a piercing is not necessarily permanent, it is nonetheless essential, and the decision must be thought out and carried out by professionals.

This is why we recommend that you have your OrPhee piercings done by a piercer.

1 . The method used

First of all, in order to ensure a good healing, the piercing method should not be neglected. The needle is the most recommended method. Not only is it very precise, it is single-use and the sterilization is complete, which allows for optimal healing from the start.

2 . The chosen piercing

In order to avoid any sign of allergy or infection, the choice of the first piercing is very important and will influence the healing process, it is therefore strongly recommended to choose a good quality material for your jewelry. It is in this objective that OrPhee creates only high quality and antiallergic jewelry with French know-how

It is not up to you to adapt to the jewel, but to the jewel to adapt to your desires and needs.

3 . The maintenance of your piercings

Before touching your piercings, it is necessary that your hands have been washed beforehand. Then, with soap and water, or a specific solution bought from your piercer, you must clean the pierced area twice a day, during the whole healing process. Don't forget to gently turn your piercing so as not to miss any corner of the jewel.