Gold plated 3 microns 18 carats & agate grass.

Monocreole grass is a monocreole Pierre Fine which is actually a grass agate, hence its name. The Creole measures 10mm and oval faceted stone 8 by 6 mm. Green, hope color is a color I love to wear. So I wanted to offer it in monocreole.

In lithotherapy, the green agate is assimilated to the heart chakra. It improves vision, aid for decision-making and acts against stomach ache. You can associate it with another oval monocreole, like Paola or the virgin not ex.

See also the Anouk necklace that wears this stone.

Find on theblogWith which earrings associate it! Grass is sold individually.

You will receive it in its pretty box OrPhée.

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