Labradorite Margaux


Gold plated 3 microns 18 carats & labradorite.

A length of about 100 cm, the margal jewel can be carried out in 4 ways:

> Let us leave it very long by realizing a simple knot, on a bare back or on the front,

> Either we make a first round of neck and then a node to carry it shorter,

> Let us "bend" the chain in two, and we pass the 2 pompoms,

> Either in bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist.

Find these explanations on ourblog, a complete article is dedicated to this sublime jewel.

Several versions available, turquoise, black onyx, adventurine green, pink, navy pink quartz, white jade or labradorite.

You will receive your wonderful jewel in a box OrPhée.

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