1 jewel .. 7 possibilities

Margaux is the jewel Signature of the OrPhée brand.

Let us introduce it to you.

Margaux is more than 1 meter of channels and several possibilities of dress up ! Originality assured ! And yes, it's a real jewel " multifunctions"! Always in gold plated 3 microns 18 carats to last, our MARGAUX end with two pompoms chains adorned with refined gemstones, or by medals engraved on the front and on the back of series, or to customize.

There are several ways to wear this singular jewel.

You are ready ? Long necklace, or rather in neck necklace; on a naked back or a wrist or ankle bracelet in the summer; Let yourself be guided, we will explain everything in details ...


Here is a picture, the different ways of tie MARGAUX around the neck .. along necklace, or shorter, on the skin or around a shirt collar like a tie .. everything is possible, it's possible to leave short to your inspiration and your creativity ..

1. Leave along and tie it simply by performing a node or even two, at the height you want.

2. Double it by making a first neck round before tingling it, so you'll bring it shorter.

3. Fold it in half and pass the 2 pumps in the chain ! A bit like a scarf .. (as in the photo back naked just below, but in front).


You have a special evening, a wedding, a birthday, shine like never by margal positioning on a halter  dress. Elegance and refinement guaranteed ! For this, it is enough : fold the chain in half and slide y the 2 pompoms chains or make a simple knot or 2 gently dropping the necklace in your back ..


In real multifunction jewel, Margaux is also a bracelet!

Here on the wrist, try on your ankle in the summer .. Wrap the chain as many times as the size of your wrist or ankle allows it and tie it by doing this time it's safe 2 knots .. the chain that at the thickness studied makes it possible to be knotted without problem .. Do not worry to multiply the nodes. It will be easily removed without problem ..


Mark your hips with Margaux knotted in a belt on a nice tube dress and let his pompoms dance according to your movements.



Position it in your hair, like a scarf and tie on the side leaving the pumps caress your shoulders gently.

So tempted to shine with this glamorous and amazing jewel ?
It's up to you to play the delicacy and refinement with your friends !
Share your photos with the #orpheejoux hashtag on Instagram that you discover with pleasure and relay or via the comments of this post!