Gold and silver: the art of mixing colors!

If APreviously, gold and silver jewellery were not relatedThis is because they are considered As different materials, and Therefore, they are not Compatible with Wear togetherSof gold Traditionally related to wealth, andSilver is considered more accessibleAt that time, jewelers could not combine these materials...


As hardcore fans of jewelry, many of us have emotional jewelry. We always want to carry it with us and tell a story or give it to us by our loved ones. The color is not necessarily the same. If we dare not put them together for a long time... Today is totally different!

Fashion is constantly developing, and the mixing of gold and silver is the main trend in 2023. Ladies only take money, you have no reason to increase it OrPhée For your decoration!


Why mix colors?

Stacking color Gold Silver


This is our favorite trend. "Stacking" art refers to the accumulation of jewelry. It puts the mixing of jewelry at the forefront!

Now, the combination of gold and silver means avantgarde and self-expression. This combination is very suitable for creative and original people who like to change their style, or only for those who want to stand out most.


If jewelry used to sublimate women, today they are far more than that! They are also self-expression means that reflect our personality and personality.

What appearance are they related to?


The combination of gold and silver jewellery is easy to master and can be used to create various appearances. In your desireWhether you want to create a more casual or refined appearance, gold and silver jewelry can be used Wear in various ways.

  • For a chic look: You can they Associate to Inevitably small Black dress or tailor.
  • For a more casual look: Nothing is better than one Jeans and white T-shirts Or a beautiful oversized shirt, jewelry will bring the right color to your clothes.
  • For a more modern look: Wear patterned clothing, which will highlight your jewelry.