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Know everything about piercings



If the earlobe is perforated, it is usually1ERThe perforations we used in our childhood are becoming increasingly prominent in other fields! 


Ear perforation conch, from Helixor Tragöß Facts have proven that this is the main trend of perforation, and everyone likes it!

Just like homeOrphée We won't give up halfway... We offer high-end perforations with 3 micron 750/1000 gold plating or 750/1000 gold plating, equipped with a Labret system flexibility Patented Bioflex does not turn yellow and helps with healing.

Due to our high-quality materials, Orphée Let you combine aesthetics with comfort.


ID É ES perforation trend, our current bestseller: 






4mm or 2mm optional.


Just apply a little bright light to your ears and you can shine cautiously!


Always using 750/1000 gold and Labret Bioflex, perfect for Tragöß , Helix Or even in the hollow conch



The patented resin Bioflex Labret is flexible, not rigid. Therefore, they will soften based on your support.

Perforation will adapt to your position, not the opposite. This system helps with healing and solves problems called squamous cell growth and "skin ball".

Our perforations are sold together with their Labrets. Its size is 12 mm x 8 mm, suitable for all of our push clip perforations.

important We suggest drilling at the drill bit, as the Labret must cut according to the thickness of your ear and the position you choose; In fact, Tragus is always thicker than Helix. Therefore, do not take the risk of placing the Label Bioflex punch separately, as you may make mistakes and lose it.






Jenny 20


Ultra fashionable, this 12mm click ring perforation will decorate yourconch Very complex.

Choose a size of 20mm.

Our current darling! Fans, fans, fans...



Tragus or Helix with perforated petals, the best in the series. This perforation is made of gold and embedded with high-quality zircon, measuring 7 mm x 5 mm. Its Labret is made of Bioflex 12mm and can be adjusted and cut according to the thickness of the ear. Unlike rigid Labrets, these patented resin Labrets are flexible. So it will soften based on your support. Perforation will adapt to your position, not the opposite. This system helps to merge and solve growth problems; Skin ball; It is called Chelsea.


The petal perforation is really beautiful.


stay Tragöß or HelixThe best in the collection.


This 750/1000 gold inlaid zirconia perforation is really beautiful.











Inlaid with white or green zirconia, this 10mm small click ring is the best-selling among all our helium rings.

Cute, easy to wear, easy to grip, made of 3 micron 750/1000 gold plating, with extremely high cost-effectiveness.








Orphée Think of everyone! If you don't have perforations, you can use earbuds and earrings conch or Helix Waiting for you to make an appointment on the drill bit;)


Cali / Chloe






Three tips for perfect perforation healing

Although perforation may not necessarily be permanent, it is still crucial and decisions must be considered and made by professionals.

Therefore, we recommend that you only use a needle for piercing (removing handguns and other torture items) and perform the piercing process Orphée Through a drill bit.


1. Method used

First of all, in order to ensure good healing, the drilling method is not to be overlooked. The needle is the most recommended method. Not only very precise, it is for single use and sterilization is complete, which therefore allows optimum healing from the start.


2. The chosen piercing

In order to avoid any sign of allergy or infection, the choice of the first piercing is very important and will influence healing, it is therefore strongly recommended to choose a good quality material for your jewelry.


3. Maintenance of your piercings

Before touching your piercings, your hands must have been washed beforehand. Then, with soap and soap, or a specific solution purchased from your pierceur, you must clean the pierced area 2 times a day, throughout the healing process. Do not forget to delicate your piercing in a delicate way so as not to ignore any potential jewelry.

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