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Margaux : 1 collier unique aux 8 possibilités.

Discover Margaux.

1 jewelry .. 7 possibilities MARGAUX is the brand's signature jewelry Orphée. Let us present it to you. MARGAUX It is more than 1 meter of channels and several possibilities...

Orphée - Marque de personnalité

Orphée Personality

Orphée is a brand that aims to be "committed", close to women, of all women. It is not for nothing that Béatrice, founder of the brand chose as a base...

Que veux dire " PLAQUÉ OR "?

What does "gold plated" mean?

Today, "gold" color jewelry has several names. You must have heard about the 2 most often used terms: "gold plated" or "golden gold". But what exactly do they mean? What...

Les bagues, plus qu'un symbole !

The rings, more than a symbol!

The rings are a form of ornament that we carry on the finger and which have been carried by men and women for thousands of years. The first rings date...

Les créoles : Les boucles d'oreilles intemporelles

Creoles: timeless earrings

THE Creole, jewelry more Or less large in form ringing are loops ears Present in fashion for centuries and are the earrings to absolutely have in its jewelry box! Timeless...

DORÉ ET ARGENTÉ : Mixer les couleurs !

Gold and silver: the art of mixing colors!

If abefore, golden and silver jewelry was not associated, that's because they were considered as distinct materials and that they were therefore, not compatible for be worn together. THE Golden...


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