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Quels piercings porter pour le conch, le tragus et l'hélix ?

What Orpheus piercings to wear for the conch, the tragus and the helix?

Helix piercing

Helix F piercinghas Party of the most popular and most requested piercings ! FAcile to wear,He is perfectEspecially for people who do not want too seeing piercing.Il can be worn with a variety of different jewelry To adapt your stacking and style. 

At the house of Orphée, according to your pleasures, 2 possibilities are available to you:

- The clicker ring 8 to 10 mm in diameter: you open it, put it on and click it and voila!

- Gold piercing 750/1000 with its Bioflex Labret, which will facilitate the healing. (tested and opted in Orphée, bye bye chéloïdes), to be installed in an absolutely pierceur because the 12mm labret must be cut and adjusted to the thickness of your ear. Thus, he will hold well. Find on the articleblog How this labret can solve healing problems, we explain everything to you, it's magic;)

Discover our selection of jewelry for the helix:

Just click on the image of your choice to reach the file produced.




Ophelie Labret Bioflex


Petula Bioflex piercing

Petula Labret Bioflex

Monocreole Clicker Solange

Monocreole Clicker Solange

Monocreole Clicker Petra

Monocreole Clicker Petra 8 mm

Monocreole Clicker Pia

Monocreole Clicker Pia 8 mm

Monocreole Clicker Paris

Monocreole Clicker Paris

Paloma piercing

Paloma gold plated labret piercing

Conch piercing

Want to adda bit of'audacity and styleyour ear ? THEConch piercing is an attractive optionbecause headapts to a variety of styles different, which makes it a popular choicewith our fans ofOrphée Jewelry ! HefaiT also Party of piercings safers, being lesslikely to cause damage to cartilage.In effect, it is easy to remove once it is healed, which makes it an excellent option for those and those who like to change their look Depending on their desires.

 Discover our selection of jewelry for the conch:

Clicker Jenny15

Monocreole Clicker Jenny


Clicker Comtesse piercing

Clicker Comtesse piercing 

Highness clicker piercing

Highness clicker piercing

Tragus piercing

Rather of discreet nature? THE Tragus piercingis also one of the most popular piercings to adopt. Covering a small area, this piercing is perfect for bringing a touch of shine to your ear for an elegant and refined look, in all discretion. At the house of Orphée, we have opted for this gold model 750/1000 with an oxide of sparkling zirconium of higher quality, it will shine like a diamond.


Eclat Labret Or 3 Sizes of Stone of stone of your choice

Eclat piercing Labret or 

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