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Do & Don't - Les 10 conseils pour un stacking bijoux réussi

Do & Don'T - 10 Tips for a successful jewelry stacking

In the previous article, weOrphée explained everything to you that there was to know about Stacking: the art of accumulating jewelry.


In this article, discover the things to do and not to do to get a successful, harmonious jewelry stacking and in your image.


  1. Choose a strong room first, your "focal point": Selecting your strong room at first will help you create a harmony around this jewel you have chosen. So when you have chosen it, all you have to do is overlap the other pieces of jewelry around this key room. Indeed, without that you will risk putting several strong pieces in your stacking, which will give an overflow of information and will not give a successful stacking.
  2. Find the balance: If Stacking means "accumulate", "superimpose", you still have to respect certain rules and avoid overloading your look by overlapping too much jewelry. Finding a balance is essential to harmonize the final look, diversify the lengths and sizes to balance your final rendering.
  3. Choose a theme: By performing this, your associations will be much easier to make, your selection will only be more consistent.
  4. Play with The lengths : Whether for necklaces or earrings, it is important to vary the lengths. On the one hand, so that your jewelry is tangled and on the other hand, to create an interesting stacking indeed cascade. Nothing worse than ending up with a tangled necklace or an earring hidden by another.
  5. Vary the styles: To break the codes, while having a harmonious stacking, nothing better than mixing the fine pieces, coming to break the "wise" look with a quirky room, to transform your elegant look into a "chic" look "look, the favorite look ofOrphée !
  6. Adopt the color: Break your favorite golden look with sublime fine stone jewelry, this will give your look to your look, in addition to making you benefit from their magnificent properties. Be careful, however, to keep a certain harmony, difficult to mix red and green for example ...
  7. Mix the textures: You can very well associate your gold plated jewelry with fabric jewelry to break the fine and shiny side. What could be better for the arrival of sunny days?
  8. Vary the forms: If you wear rectangular or slender jewelry, bring softness to your stacking by adding jewelry with rounded and voluptuous shapes, for a less strict look.
  9. Don't do too much: gardo a simple outfit for bring out your jewelry. Avoid outfits with complex patterns or textures, as thiswould be divert attention and hide your jewelry.
  10. The most important, n'Don't forget your personality: Your jewelry stacking should above all reflect your personality and style. Do not be afraid to experiment to find the superposition that represents you the most!

Now you are more than ready to compose your most beautiful jewelry stackings!

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