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LE STACKING : l'art d'accumuler les bijoux

Stacking: the art of accumulating jewelry

Stacking by definition /


You hear about "stacking" Everywhere around you but you still don't know what it is? Do not panic, OrPhée is there to teach you everything about jewelry trends!

The term "stacking" is a word from Shakespeare's language, this English word translates into "stack" Or "Superimpose" in French. Thus, the "Stacking jewelry" is the art of stacking, to overlap, to accumulate jewelry.

Whether for Add texture, color or shine, jewelry stacking is a fun way to play with accessories to complete your daily outfit.


 - If before we had to choose the jewelry we wanted to put, now there is no question! Why choose, when you can wear your favorite jewelry together?


Where does the stacking come from?


Become popular in the 2010s with the rise of Pinterest, Instagram and fashion bloggers, This trend has only growed in the past decade... and for good reason, The biggest stars have started there, and this same on the red carpets: from Beyoncé to Rihanna, via Jennifer Lopez, your favorite celebrities are not for nothing! From, jewelry stacking has become a current fashion trend worldwide, with jewelry of all kinds, bracelets delicate and colorful to necklaces in a knit oversized, passing through earrings And piercings of all kinds, to more daring rings.


 -Perfect for creating trendy looks, but above all personalized in your image, the jewelry stacking will make you unique.


With what jewelry to create stackings?


The advantage of this trend is that Anyone can afford it ! Stacking can be adopted with Different types of jewelry : You are not followers of the rings, do not panic, you can opt for the bracelet stacking to dress your hands. If you have young children and you cannot wear necklaces for fear that baby shoot, opt for an accumulation of ear chips ... each problem is its solution! You will find all jewelry for your daily life.

Thus, all types of jewelry can be accumulated: necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, piercings... just let yourself be carried away by the experience OrPhée, and to experience jewelry together to find the stacking made for you.


Our expert sales advisers on our sales corners are also there to advise you in your choices!


In the meantime, here are some jewelry ideas that you can superimpose to create a jewelry stacking:


  • Stacking necklaces

The necklaces layering is an important part of the jewelry stacking. You can create a subtle appearance by superimposing single necklaces with some different lengths, and Pour a more daring look, overlap several Different mesh necklaces. Just make sure that the necklaces have different lengths to prevent them from getting tangled. In addition, opt for different lengths of necklaces created a delicate or daring appearance, according to your preferences. You can also Add a pendant to your superposition of necklaces For Create a focal point And add character to your stacking.

  • Stacking earrings
- for those who are pierced several times: You can superimpose earrings from Different sizes and shapes For Create a unique look, Mix the pendants and the chips with different sizes and shapes, mismatch and dare Create contrast has never been so trendy!

- for those who are only pierced once: We have also thought of you! OrPhée propose false piercings. So you too can adopt the stacking to the ears by wearing our ear ringsearcuffs.
  • Stacking rings

Another funny way to play with jewelry. Superimpose fine rings to create a delicate appearance, or Add a wider ring For more appearance affirmed.

  • Stacking bracelets
You can finally superimpose delicate bracelets or some thicker bracelets To create a more daring look. Overlap different sizes, shapes and colors Allows you to create an appearance that is both fun and elegant.
You will understand, the art of stacking is the tendency to adopt!

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